Updated: July 14th, 2007

Contained within are projects I'm currently working on. 

My Asterisk PBX projects are kept here

BBS Files are mostly kept within the BBS's FTP server as they're relevant to it's topic...

X.25 networks are also a subject for one of my projects.  Before the "Internet" as we know it now, X.25 Public Switched Networks such as BT Tymnet, Sprint's Telenet/Sprintnet and others allowed people from all over the world to access information and communicate over great distances without direct connections via the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).  This information is kept here

Ham radio is another one of my facinations.  I currently hold a "Advanced" class license for which I keep since this class of license is no longer available to US Amateur Radio Operators.  It allows me to 95% of the band allocation's for Amateur Radio Operators.  My current projects in this area revolve around: Amateur Satellite, Digital Networking and Low Power Operations.  This information for the projects I'm working on or archiving are kept here

My ARS Callsign is: KL7EET.  
For those wishing to learn more about Amateur Radio, I recommend: http://www.hello-radio.org/whatis.html

Of course I'm currently keeping my sklll sets up which both personally and professionally benefits me in staying ahead of the curve.  In that course, I'm currently experimenting with IPv6 technologies especially IPv6 Multicast and other tools.  Those network tools I'm working on or developing are located here